Help Desk Series: Awaiting your Landlords approval?

9 Nov 2016

Account Approval

“It says my account is awaiting my landlords’ approval, what does this mean and how long will it take?”

If you have been given free access to HomeSwapper due to your Landlord covering the cost of your account, once you join you will immediately receive restricted access to the site. This means you can search for homes and window shop however there are certain features and permissions that will not yet be available to you until your landlord verifies the information you have inputted. At this stage, your account is being handled by your landlord NOT HomeSwapper therefore we cannot speed up this approval process.

The time the approval takes can vary from landlord to landlord, depending on volume and their internal procedures. We recommend you contact your landlord if your account has not be approved within 3-5 working days… give them a nudge.

Once they approve you, you will be notified and given full access to contact other users and start swapping.


Account Renewal

We regularly receive a similar query around account renewal so we thought we would kill two birds with one stone in this post.

You may find after time that your account needs renewing by your landlord and as a result your access to HomeSwapper will be restricted once more. Again, this part of the process is handled by your landlord NOT HomeSwapper and it is down to them to grant you full access back on the site.

As a system rule tenant accounts are sent back to their landlord for re-authorisation every six months. This allows the landlord to reassess the person and check they are still ‘suitable’ for HomeSwapper. The time this renewal takes can vary from landlord to landlord depending on the volume of applications and their internal procedures so we recommend you contact them to discuss your account if it’s not renewed after a few days.


If you are currently paying for your own HomeSwapper account, approval and renewal will not apply to you however you should be aware that your landlord will eventually sign off your final swap so please avoid embellishing the truth on your advert.

If you have any questions or need further advice on this topic, please contact your landlord or raise a ticket with our Help Desk team by emailing