Benefits being restricted to 2 kids per family

24 Apr 2017


The support provided through Child Tax Credits (CTC) will now be limited for some new births in the UK. If you were claiming Child Tax Credits and you already have 2 children, any more children you have born after 6th April 2017 will not be eligible for further support from the Government.


There are exemptions to this new rule which are:

- A second or subsequent child born in multiple birth but is not the first child in a multiple birth

- A child likely to have been conceived as a result of rape or coercion

- A child living long term with family or friends including informal caring arrangements where the child would otherwise likely be looked after by the local authority

- A child adopted from local authority care


The Government have stated they are trying to save money and make the tax credit system fairer. The new two-child restriction will hopefully make families who are ‘less well off’ think twice about the position a third child might put them in.

Critics say that at the current UK birth rate, nearly 100,000 third or subsequent children will not qualify for the support and put families at financial risk.


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