Add Photos

9 Jun 2017

90% of successful swaps in 2016 had at least one photo of the home!

Why it’s important?

If you’re serious about swapping, add a photo. It shows you’re keen and it helps screen out people who won’t be interested. Try to show your home at its best though, nobody wants to see a close up of dirty dishes in the sink or a blurry image of the fence (both real photos seen on HomeSwapper!)

Taking the perfect picture. 

Ask yourself “what does this show someone who has never seen this room before”. Hold the camera in the corner of the room to try and get as much as you can in the picture. If you’re worried for any reason about your home being identified, upload photos of the inside or a garden, and make sure you use the description box (tenant comments) to add information about the outside of your home.


How to add a photo.

1. Log into your account to access your dashboard


2. From the options at the opt of the screen click 'My details' 


3. From the drop-down list that appears click 'The home I've got'


4. You should see a line of circles, each an option for your advert. The last circle has a camera in it, click on that.


5. On this page you can delete, add new or edit current photos. 

Need support?

As usual, if you are having any kind of technical difficulty our customer service team are on hand to assist you. Please raise a ticket with them by emailing and someone will get back to you ASAP.