HomeSwapper Badges

16 Jun 2017

Badges were introduced to the HomeSwapper website in 2015 to reward good use and behaviour on the site and to highlight this to others swappers searching for a mutual exchange. Badges are a great way for you to identify quickly what type of swapper another user is. For example, if they have the ‘Open to MultiSwaps’ badge showing on their profile they are willing to join a chain of swappers if you are currently building one. If you see the ‘Just looking’ badge on someone’s profile, you are able to assume that perhaps they are not  in a rush to move and are just using the site to weigh up their housing options.

The badges currently available to earn are: 




How you get it


 Just Looking

This swapper is just looking on the website and may not be in a rush for a mutual exchange.




Happy to Help

This swapper is happy to help others in their search for a swap.





This swapper has added at least one photo to their home advert.




This swapper has been on the site for less than one month. After this time the badge will be removed.




Registration Wizard



This swapper has completed the FULL registration process.



Word Smith



This swapper has added extra comments to their advert to help advertise their home.



Night Owl



This swapper has logged in between 11pm and 3am so may not reply in day time hours.



MultiSwap Builder



This swapper is building a MultiSwap



Early Bird



This swapper has logged on to their account between 3am and 7am.



Reply Bronze



This swapper responds to more than 50% of conversations via the messaging tool.



Reply Silver



This swapper responds to more than 70% of conversations via the messaging tool.



Reply Gold



This swapper responds to more than 85% of conversations via the messaging tool.



Reply Platinum



This swapper replies to 100% of conversations started.



Any Location



This swapper will consider a move to any location.



Open to MultiSwaps



This swapper is open to joining a MultiSwap chain.



Yule Login



This swapper logged in on Christmas Day.



Social Swapper



This swapper has shared their advert on social media via the link on the dashboard.


Serious about Swapping?

HomeSwapper also stamps your advert with a bonus badge, the serious about swapping badge. To earn this you must have responded to at least 75% of your messages and have logged into your account within 7 days. This badge is a good indicator to other swappers that you are not a 'time waster' and are serious about looking to move homes. When searching for a swap look out for this

You can view your own collection of badges on your dashboard as soon as you log into your account. You can see other swappers badges on their advert when you are matched with them. Your badges will refresh at 12am every evening and you may find some of them reset if your actions on the site have changed.

Do you have any new badge suggestions we might add to the collection? We would love to hear them and put them forward for consideration. Please leave a message on our Facebook Page.

If you have any further questions regarding any of our badges, please contact our Help Desk by emailing