The landlord approval and renewal process

12 Nov 2018

You’ve gone through the sign-up process for HomeSwapper and your landlord is registered with us – great news! If your landlord approves your account, then HomeSwapper will be completely free of charge for you. At this point there can be a bit of a wait while your landlord checks your application to sign up to, or renew a HomeSwapper account and makes sure that you’re eligible. Every landlord is different, but in this article we aim to demystify the process and give you an idea of what’s happening with your application.

First things first, some key things to remember:

  1. While we wait for approval from your landlord, access to your account will be restricted, which means that you won’t be able to send messages to other swappers or arrange viewings.
  2. This is handled by the landlord and not HomeSwapper and we have to wait for their approval before we can get your account fully up and running.

So, here’s what’s going on from their side:

  1. When you send a request for an account on HomeSwapper, your landlord will first check over your tenancy agreement to see if it matches up with the details in your HomeSwapper application.
  2. They will then either approve or reject your request for a HomeSwapper account and let us know what their decision is.
  3. If you’re waiting more than a couple of weeks for your account to be approved, we’d always recommend getting in touch with your landlord to check on progress. We aren’t able to speed this process up at our end unfortunately, so it’s always worth getting the information direct from your landlord.
  4. As soon as they’ve approved your account, you’ll get an email from us letting you know you’re up and running!
  5. Every 6 months your account will go back to your landlord for re-approval.
  6. During this process they will check how you’ve been using your HomeSwapper account; amongst other things, that you’ve been an active user and that your details are still the same.

Rejections of your application for a HomeSwapper account can happen for a variety of reasons. These can include:

  1. Rent arrears
  2. Still being within the introductory period of your tenancy
  3. The people listed on your HomeSwapper account having changed on your tenancy

If your HomeSwapper membership is declined by your landlord, we would again recommend contacting them directly to discuss the reasons behind this. Don’t worry if they do decline you though! If there are changes you can make to be approved, then you can always resubmit your application at a later time for review and approval by your landlord.