How to: Close your account

22 Oct 2018

​So, you’ve found your swap, you’ve gone through the landlord approval process and you’ve finally moved house.

There’s just one last step – closing your HomeSwapper account. This is important, so that other swappers still out there looking for their new home don’t consider your old advert as a possible swap.


It’s a very simple process and we’ve outlined the steps below:


1.Login to your HomeSwapper account


2. Once you’re on your Dashboard, hover over My details and click on My account:


3. Scroll right to the bottom of this page, where you’ll find the Close account section:


You will get a pop-up box on your screen asking if you have swapped or are about to:


Yes: If you’ve swapped or are about to, then click Yes and you’ll be taken through to a form where you’ll be asked to put in your new address details, as well as let us know how you found your experience on HomeSwapper.




It’s really helpful if you’re able to complete the HomeSwapper Testimony section, as swapper feedback is how we improve our services!

Once you’ve completed this, simply click Send and you’ll receive the following message asking you to confirm your decision. When you click Confirm your account will be closed.


No: If you simply want to close your account because you’ve decided not to swap anymore, then in the Have you swapped? pop-up box, click on No and you’ll receive the following information about closing your account:


Please note that if you pay for your own account then the rest of the period that you have paid for will be lost and we won’t be able to reimburse you for that period.

Once you’re clear about what closing your account means, click on OK and you’ll receive the following note to let you know that your account has been closed:


If you change your mind or you need to get your HomeSwapper account activated again, then it’s really simple… just log back in and your account will be reactivated! HomeSwapper will remember all of your previous settings, so if nothing has changed, then you can just go through this by clicking on Next at the bottom of each page. Or if your circumstances have changed, then you can amend what you’ve got and what you’re looking for while reactivating your account.

Just please note that if you’re registered through your landlord then they will need to re-authorise your account, which could take a little time.

So swappers, if you’re closing your account because you have swapped then we wish you the best of luck in your new home!